31 jul. 2013

Barco tops Brazilian digital projection survey

1 min om te lezen

Barco is proud to announce that its digital projectors topped a survey conducted by Exibidor, one of Brazil’s major AV magazines. The survey assessed both the technical specifications of the projectors and user experience.


Exibidor asked ten exhibitors and five resellers and integrators to compare and score three different digital projectors of the three leading brands in Brazil, Barco among them. When it came to Barco, survey respondents emphasized both the quality of the training and Barco’s focus on the technical certification of cinema industry professionals. Barco’s projectors were also highly praised for their flexibility, making it possible to introduce new technological features such as HFR (High Frame Rate) with just minor adjustments.

Comparing projectors in the category of medium and large screens, Barco’s DP2K-20C and DP4K-32B each took first place. Both the DP2K-20C and DP4K-32B combine consistent picture brightness, rich contrast and vibrant colors with an easy-to-use modular design, exceptional long lifetime and low cost of ownership.

In the category of projectors for small screens, Barco’s compact DP2K-10Sx came in second. Combining all results of the survey, Barco’s final score totaled a high 3.59, with the other two companies scoring a 2.90 and 2.63.