30 aug. 2013

Discussing new technology for the European Cinemas of the Future

1 min om te lezen

The world of cinema has been changing at rollercoaster speed for quite some years now. Since 2002, the European ‘DigiTraining Plus’ training project has been helping cinema professionals keep track of new developments. Barco was happy to sponsor the 2013 edition, which is currently taking place in Krakow and Warsaw until 1 September next.

Learning, information and inspiration

European cinema exhibitors, technical consultants responsible for IT systems in cinemas as well as professionals from cinema associations have all landed in Warsaw and Cracow for four days’ of immersion into cinema anno 2013. The get-together is a unique opportunity for them to learn how to use digital technology, hear presentations on the impact, key issues and prospects of the digital transition and to share experiences with industry peers.

Visit to Złote Tarasy

On the training program are also a series of visits to local cinemas, including a few screenings. This Friday, 30 August, the group will be visiting Multikino Złote Tarasy, a unique multiplex cinema located in the busiest and most vibrant part of Warsaw. Since its refurbishment, Złote Tarasy has set a new benchmark in the central-European world of cinema, on account of its modern design and advanced technology.

Demo and speaking slot

Since this multiplex is equipped with Barco projectors, Barco is sponsoring the entire visit to Złote Tarasy. Participants will enjoy a live demo with Barco gear, at the theater. In addition, Barco Product Manager Goran Stojmenovik will host a speaking slot on ‘The future of Cinema: new business opportunities and new technologies’. In this way, Barco underlines its commitment to helping the cinema industry make the best of the exciting new opportunities that going digital has unlocked.