9 okt. 2013

Barco plays a starring role in televised 3D mammography exam

BORSTKANKER 1 min om te lezen

Joining with Hologic to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month in New York City last week, Barco supplied its Nio 3MP display system for use in a live television broadcast of a 3D screening mammogram on ABC’s top-rated morning news program “Good Morning America.” One of the show’s anchors volunteered for the exam, conducted on a motor coach adjacent to the Times Square studio and provided by Nassau University Medical Center.

ABC News Goes Pink campaign, which served as the catalyst for the mammogram segment, followed a special NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony hosted by Hologic to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. Hologic’s CEO Jack Cummings focused on the impact of the company’s 3D mammography technology, which is supported in the reading room by Barco’s Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display system. The display system is used by radiologists to diagnose images generated by systems such as Hologic’s new Selenia Dimensions digital 3D mammography platform.

Click here to check out the video of the Good Morning America show segment!

Mammography van at Good Morning America