19 dec. 2013

Have a safe Christmas skiing trip!

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If you’ll soon be taking off to your ski resort in the French or Italian Alps, we have good news for you: Barco will help keep you safe. The control and crisis rooms of the Mont Blanc tunnel, which links the Chamonix Valley (France) to the Aosta Valley (Italy), are equipped with brand-new Barco video walls.


Barco since 2001
After a serious tunnel fire in 1999, huge investments were made to optimize safety in the Mont Blanc tunnel. Today, all warning and immediate response functions are automated and supervised at two Command and Control Posts (CCPs), on each side of the tunnel.

Since their set-up in 2001, the control rooms have featured a large Barco video wall that did a great job for 12 years. As technology has, of course, evolved significantly, the existing walls have now been replaced by a 5 x 2 Barco OLF-710 video wall (control rooms) and 3x3 NSL-4621 LCD display (crisis rooms).

Safer than ever
“We now have an immense, ultra-bright view of the SCADA system and any other data sources the operators wish to visualize, like CCTV camera feeds or videoconferencing, which has significantly improved collaboration and insight,” said Cédric Petitcolinn, Manager of the Technical Equipment division.

In other words: we’re watching you, on your highway to the snow, keeping you safer than ever!

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