5 mei 2014

CFG-Barco introduces laser technology and other innovations at Customer Summit 2014 in Suzhou (China)

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From 23 to 25 April, leading cinema solutions provider CFG-Barco will host the CFG-Barco Customer Summit in Suzhou, China. One of the most valued conferences in the cinema industry, this year’s edition will provide a sneak peek at the industry’s upcoming developments.

Around 200 guests have been invited to the summit, including La Peikang, chairman of the China Film Group Corporation (CFG), representatives from Texas Instruments (TI), and a number of China’s most prominent cinema exhibitors. Before this high-level audience, Barco will present—among other innovations—its 6P laser illuminated projector. Offering a tantalizing look at the future of cinema, this 60,000-lumen projector is the most compact of its kind on the planet.

Raising the bar with CinemaBarco

The release of Barco’s laser projector is part of the CinemaBarco concept, which was first introduced at CinemaCon earlier this year. CinemaBarco is a rich and diverse array of entertainment solutions, designed to help exhibitors and storytellers reinvent the moviegoing experience for a new generation. The introduction of laser technology significantly raises the bar for the industry.

In addition, Barco’s laser projector is the first in the world to gain US FDA approval. Earlier this month, the first batch of Barco 4K 6P laser projectors reached the American and Chinese markets. Jinyi, Henan Oscar, and Sichuan Pacific are the first three Chinese cinemas to deploy them. By the fourth quarter, the projector will be available worldwide. Many cinema chains have already expressed their interest.

Immersing the audience

To cater to the growing demand for huge screens and 3D images, Barco has developed comprehensive solutions that provide audiences with unique and highly immersive experiences. The Auro 11.1 by Barco speaker layout and Auro-3D sound platform, for example, help create highly realistic audio. This, in turn, helps to increase ticket sales, while simultaneously laying a solid basis for cinemas to explore additional sources of income.

“Film projection technology is undergoing groundbreaking development,” says Chen Xuxiang, the general manager of CFG (Beijing) Electronics Co., Ltd. “Our laser projection technology and new-generation integrated projectors are paving the way for the moviegoing experiences of the future. As a result, they attract attention from the industry’s senior executives, investors, and operators. Customers and industry players appreciate our continued drive to provide them with cutting-edge technologies and premium products, like those based on our CinemaBarco concept. This helps us create the best service experience for our customers and striking moviegoing experiences for the audience.”