12 feb. 2020

Shrinking the footprint of our customers: Barco introduces the ecoscore

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Eco-friendliness is becoming increasingly important, and at Barco we have set the ambition to lower our environmental footprint and those of our customers. But how can customers assess the 'green performance' of the product they are considering? There are a number of ranking and labels available, but these typically only look at one aspect of environmental performance (e.g. power consumption), or one type of product (e.g. projectors). Because we want an all-round scoring, that covers every aspect of eco-friendliness and all our products, we decided to create our own ECO-label.

The reason for this approach, is that we want to communicate openly about the environmental footprint of our products. Our ecoscoring methodology is an objective tool that grades our products according to their ecodesign performance. This gives customers an overview of environmental performance and encourages developers at Barco to make ecological choices.

An objective tool to measure environmental performance

The ecoscoring tool focuses on 4 domains that have the highest impact on the product environmental footprint: energy, materials, packaging & logistics, and end-of-life. When developing the methodology, the first and most important rule was that the tool needed to be objective. It is not created to favor Barco products or certain product groups, but purely looks at the environmental impact. The framework that has been used to validate the ecoscoring is defined in the ISO 14021 standard. Furthermore, EY, who is experienced with performing audits within similar industries / companies, has provided a Limited Assurance opinion on the ecoscoring methodology of Barco. 

Second, it is an ambitious label. Only the top performing products receive the ECO-label, and considerable effort needs to be done to receive it. That is why at the moment, only limited products have received the ECO-label. These include the latest ClickShare generation, the SP4K series of smart laser cinema projectors and the Coronis Fusion 6MP. Note that only newly introduced products are evaluated, so no legacy products can receive our ECO-label.

Do you want to know more about Barco's ecoscoring methodology? Then check out the dedicated page!