11 aug. 2020

RGB with a focus on green: meet Barco's sustainable next-generation RGB Laser video walls

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Barco is one of the few manufacturers of all main large video walls technologies – being rear-projection, LCD and direct view LED – and we strongly believe they all have their unique merits. That is why we continue to invest in every solution. With the introduction of the next generation RGB laser rear-projection video walls, Barco reinforces its commitment to the mission-critical control room market. This reliable, sustainable and long-lifetime visualization solution has achieved an Eco Product label A on Barco’s ecoscoring methodology, and will be available for both new installations and upgrades.

The RGB Laser ODL series was introduced in 2016 and is seen as a revolution in rear-projection cube technology. Excelling on many levels – including lifetime, color performance and brightness – the ODL series has been successfully deployed in many control rooms and television studios around the world. With the introduction of the next-generation laser engine, the ODL series now gets a major update, and will spearhead Barco’s rear-projection offering. This technology remains a key visualization technology, visualizing dashboards and SCADA content typically within the utilities and transportation markets.

Combining power with sustainability

ODL next generation laserThe high brightness laser engine enables control rooms to operate in the most optimal conditions for end users. Using the Sense X automatic and continuous brightness and color calibration technology, the brightness settings are automatically adjusted to the conditions.

Further sustainability improvements have advanced the next-generation ODL engine to a Eco Product label A in Barco’s stringent ecoscoring methodology. This label awards products to which eco-thinking was applied during the complete design process, and considers power efficiency, packaging, recycling, use of hazardous materials, etc.

In for the long haul

With a guaranteed 10 years of maintainability, this solution is really in for the long haul. What’s more, the engine is also available for upgrade purposes, meaning a complete technology revamp can be accomplished while keeping the bulk of the mechanical structure of the cubes. This not only lowers the cost and timeframe of the refurbishment, but also reduces waste and maintains minimal downtime of mission critical control rooms. An extended upgrade coverage for the installed base – including also the rear-projection cubes with a 4:3 aspect ratio – ensures that many more companies can benefit from this next-generation laser engine.