8 sep. 2020

Barco and VI-grade: on a highway to help smoothen car development

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Barco and VI-grade, the leading provider of best-in-class turn-key solutions for dynamic driving simulators, continue their long-standing partnership using Barco projectors for the recently launched DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator. This high performance driving simulator is set to help the world's leading car manufacturers and motorsport brands reduce the duration and cost of vehicle development.


VI-grade is leading the way in providing best-in-class software products and revolutionary turn-key solutions for static and dynamic driving simulators. Recently they launched their new DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator, which provides automotive engineers with a complete set of innovative, integrated driving simulators for a new generation approach to system-level simulation, allowing companies to bridge the gap between testing and simulation.

High class visuals paramount for realistic scenes

Barco has been the preferred visual display projection partner for VI-grade for many years. We have supported their developments with our best-in-class projection systems, to the enchantment of many customers. VI-grade specifically values the ability of our projectors to create a seamless, uniform image in high detail that can create an immersive experience that replicates the speed and sudden movements that happen on the racetrack and in the everyday driving. According to VI-grade, our F70 and latest FL40-4K projectors installed on the DiM250 and DiM150 put any other projection solution in the shadows.

Most recently the DiM250 DYNAMIC Driving Simulator using Barco F70-4K projectors was inaugurated at VI-grade’s SimCenter in Detroit in partnership with Multimatic. This center is part of a network and growing cluster of engineering sites located worldwide where automotive designers can rent access to a driving simulator to progress their design more quickly.

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