8 jan. 2021

Exceptional spectacle lights up Italian square with 230m video mapping

1 min om te lezen

Don’t we all long for some heartwarming brightness after such a dark year? Well, in the Italian town Carpi, they really took it next level with an exceptional mapping along the porches of the Piazza Martiri. Yes, a video mapping: lighting up buildings with unique 3D imaging to light up the faces of onlookers with wonder and excitement.

With 230 meters canvas, 52 arches and 152 windows, the massive project was by no means an easy matter. The organization brought in our Italian partner Service2Service for the technical support and equipment for what is the longest mapping in Italy. Altogether, ten Barco 20K projectors – good for a total of 200,000 lumens – were used to the dress the square with a captivating light and color spectacle. The show, designed by mapping artist Luca Agnani, ran every evening for the duration of the Christmas holidays (until January 10, 2021) and attracted passers-by for an amazing (and safe!) welcoming of the new year.