12 aug. 2021

Which benefits can you get from our healthcare warranty?

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Did you just purchase a new Barco medical display? Congratulations! Have you been using one for a while already? We hope it serves you excellently. Or … are you still in the process of looking for a new display?

Whichever of the above fits your situation, we want to offer you peace of mind when it comes to warranty and support in both maintenance and management of your Barco displays.

In a two-part blog series, we dive into our warranty and service options. Read on to learn all about our warranty and extension programs! And stay tuned for next week’s blogpost about our service offerings 😉

Always covered with our industry-leading warranty for medical devices

Your Barco display is produced so it can suit you for many years to come, offering a performance that fits your specific use. Still, in Winston Churchill’s words: “Nothing is perfect on the human stage.” Our teams work with the biggest dedication and offer you technology of excellent quality, but something might still go wrong at a certain moment. 

Because we believe in our products, we’ve got you covered automatically with an industry-leading warranty of five years for all our displays for radiology, mammography and pathology. For our dental, clinical review and most surgical displays, you enjoy three years of warranty.

Why is the Barco warranty for medical devices so exceptional?

Our warranty is all-inclusive, meaning it covers your entire system: display, controller, sensors, encoders, decoders, QA solution and software. Because clinical performance is critical, we also guarantee the luminance and backlight hours on our Nio and Coronis display systems to ensure display quality throughout the warranty period.

To sum it up for you, this is what’s included in the warranty of our medical display systems:

  • Factory repairs within 10 business days + return transport after repair
  • Backlight luminance for Coronis and Nio systems, as mentioned above
  • Immediate, upfront replacement for new products that are ‘dead on arrival’
  • Access to your personal myBarco service and support portal
  • Support via your myBarco online portal, and via phone


Is your display nearing the end of its warranty period? Prolong your warranty with ExtendedCare and keep enjoying the same benefits even after it expires! With our warranty and ExtendedCare, you can rest easy: they’re the longest coverages you can find in the market for medical displays.

Our warranty and ExtendedCare option is our pledge to you that we’re equipping you with medical equipment of extremely high quality, that will serve you and your clinical performance for many years to come.

Do you have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your Barco representative!