19 apr. 2022

WME-050. Run your Barco video wall with less ecological impact.

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Sustainability has finally gained its rightful position in the hearts and minds of corporations. At Barco, we are very conscious of the importance of this subject, and have been working to transform the way we look at our business, always considering sustainability matters. With the introduction of the WME-050, Barco takes another step towards more ecological video wall solutions.

Barco’s ecoscoring methodology is one of our most important tools to validate the sustainable performance of our products. It is the world’s first objective solution to consider ALL sustainability aspects of any technological device. You can read all about our ecoscoring methodology here.

The P50 was the first device to achieve an A++ ecolabel. This small and easy to install hardware box excels on every aspect of the comprehensive sustainability scale, including power consumption, material use, logistics and lifecycle management. Next to its sustainability performance, the device also excels in advanced security, featuring secure boot, disk encryption and device certificates.

Further improving the sustainable performance of video walls

The first use of the P50 platform is the WME-050: the hardware that runs Barco’s video wall management software. This is a crucial aspect for Barco video walls, enabling some revolutionary features like the installation wizard (for easy and worry-free configuration of the video wall), the Sense X automatic brightness and color calibration, the LCD motion offset correction, and the password protection.

What’s more, the WME-050 also enables a secure gateway to the Video wall Management Suite, which offers the possibility to manage a fleet of video walls from a centralized, remote location. This allows integrators and managed service providers to monitor all critical parameters of the video walls in a single dashboard. So next to optimizing uptime, the Video wall Management Suite also minimizes the travel needs of service staff – further working on sustainability.

These software features are exactly what make the Barco video walls so performing, distinguishing them from competition. This makes the WME-050 a crucial component of Barco’s video wall offering.

Ecofriendly, all the way

The WME-050 works with all of Barco’s high-end LCD and rear-projection cube video walls. Especially the latter are noteworthy from a sustainability perspective. The new generation of Barco’s RGB Laser ODL series have in the meantime been awarded with the A++ ecolabel as well. In this way, we create a full sustainable offering which is unique in the market.

The WME-050 is available immediately for new orders of a Barco video wall. Contact us for more information.