17 jan. 2023

Barco Lightsteering shines during The American Society of Cinematographers’ Master Class

2 min om te lezen

Our HDR Lightsteering technology continues to break new ground in the cinema industry. Just in November the prototype demonstration got a standing ovation at the Asian World Film Festival, and last weekend we found ourselves starring among the elite in moviemaking during an American Society of Cinematographers masterclass.

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), is an organization gathering a wide range of cinematographers to exchange new ideas, discuss the latest techniques, and to advocate for motion pictures as a type of art form. In 2014, they started their education program with in-person master classes providing live demonstrations of camera techniques, instructions in current workflow practices and analyses of feature films.

Last weekend, the society organized a “Master Class for Masters”, inviting only the very best cinematographers to learn from each other. The event was centered on the common theme of High Dynamic Range imaging, a cardinal topic for anyone involved in cinema content creation.

Our Barco Lightsteering prototype projector was selected as the master playback device and reference viewing system. It was installed in the ARRI facility in Hollywood and intensively used throughout the three-day event. We combined it with our HDR content creation toolbox for flexible and interactive content creation and demonstration.

The master cinematographers had a great session. And for us, it was an honor to be present among the crème de la crème of the industry with our technology; confirming Barco’s HDR Lightsteering to be the reference. Both from an image quality viewpoint, workflow integration and compatibility with other products and technologies.