30 jan. 2023

Hitting the bullseye for LED video walls: meet Barco's NT series

LED - VIDEOMUREN 2 min om te lezen

Offering exactly the right video wall to every customer: that is the ambition of Barco. We are not only one of the few manufacturers to have all relevant technologies in our portfolio (LED, LCD and rear-projection), but we also diversify within these product categories. That is why we introduce the NT series. This new range of LED video walls completes our next-generation LED portfolio (next to the flagship TruePix). What to expect? More than your expectations!

The brains behind the image

Like TruePix, the new NT series uses Infinipix® Gen2 (Barco's proprietary image processing solution) as its brains. The result? Great color quality, no visual distortion, low latency, perfect syncing and no tearing. In short: great image performance. Truly unique is also the great color performance at every level of brightness, making sure the content looks equally spectacular at full brightness and severely dimmed. 

Clever and slim

The NT series tiles have a particularly slim design. This means they hardly take any real estate and look very elegantly on the wall. They will look good in any environment, like auditoriums, lobbies, boardrooms, control rooms and television studios. Barco's installation mechanics also facilitate deployment and maintenance. And we have more good news for the installers: Barco's dedicated software makes sure the tiles are automatically configured - a big time-saver!

Diagnosing the display

Not in the same room or even the same location as the video wall? No problem: you can still check its status using the cloud-based Video wall Management Suite. All vital parameters of the wall are visible in the easy user interface, allowing staff and managed service providers to detect issues at an early stage. This not only helps troubleshooting, but also allows to prevent downtime. The same solution is compatible with all of Barco’s new generation of video walls (LED, LCD and rear-projection), including TruePix, Barco UniSee, and RGB Laser ODL.