9 feb. 2023

Hot off the press: our brand-new 2022 Integrated annual report!


Was 2022 a good year for Barco? What were the highlights of the past year? And how do we plan to create long-term value for all our stakeholders? You’ll find all the answers to those questions – and much more besides – in the 2022 Integrated annual report that we just released.

The 2022 report breathes the positive vibe that Barco has been experiencing in the past year. “The engine picked up speed and kept accelerating in 2022. That was reflected in our financial results, yet we were happy to also see renewed dynamics in our teams, at every Barco site around the globe,” say co-CEOs An Steegen and Charles Beauduin in the CEO interview.

Sneak peek: highlights of the year

Highlights of the report include a zoom-in on our renewed strategy and the extensive section on ‘Innovation and technology’ – a topic that is of strategic importance to secure a successful, long-term future for our company. More must-reads: customer stories, insights into our divisions and, of course, the in-depth section on how Barco keeps making sustainability a priority.

Last but not least, the report reveals our new ‘Visioneering a bright tomorrow’ purpose. At Barco, we believe that truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter and healthier world. That vision is reflected throughout the report.

Integrated reporting frontrunner

Like in previous years, the 2022 report bundles our 2022 financial and sustainability results and strategy in one, integrated report. “Barco has been a frontrunner in financial and non-financial reporting for years and we want to retain that frontrunner position. The new report again testifies to that commitment. We’re excited to provide a holistic view on how we’re moving the needle further within Barco and beyond, to provide value for all our stakeholders,” says Willem Fransoo, our new Director of Investor Relations.

Explore the report here!