15 mei 2019

Barco gives automotive engineers at VI-grade a vision to trust

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Automotive engineers and transport companies are racing to meet new safety and environmental demands. So speed is of the essence, even at the design stage.

On May 14-15 next, senior automotive and transportation managers, researchers and engineers from around the world will meet in Germany for the International VI-grade Conference where Barco is a golden sponsor. VI-grade is the leading provider of software products and services for advanced system-level simulation. The company will be showcasing current solutions and development plans for real-time simulation, HIL, SIL, traffic simulation and ADAS, autonomous driving, vehicle energy efficiency and tire modeling.

Visualization at the forefront

The conference will focus on how driving simulators can help accelerate product development, ultimately saving time and cost while improving product quality and safety. Special attention will go to hot-button disciplines such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

How can you accelerate the design-test-launch cycle? One way is to work with the best visualization solutions. In the critical design phase developers and engineers – literally – needs a vision to trust. So it is not insignificant that Barco visualization solutions are being used throughout the event. Barco’s latest advancement in high-performing projection, represented by the recently launched FL40, will be the major highlight demonstrating VI-grade’s dynamic  vehicle scenarios and advanced driver assistance systems with the help of system integration partner project: syntropy and auto-alignment and calibration expert domeprojection.com. Barco UDX-4K22 and a Barco UniSee will be supporting the conference proceedings. 

Barco will also power an informal get-together at Honda Europe R&D center in Offenbach on May 13th to unveil the world’s first fully installed DiM250 driving simulator in action.

The full event program can found at the VI-grade event page.