19 dec. 2023

Why IT professionals need to add more flexibility in meeting spaces?


Introducing the right collaboration technology in meeting spaces is the biggest challenge for IT-managers today. How can they tackle the most common struggles and frustrations of meeting room users? Are there solutions that are not only efficient and flexible, but cost-effective at the same time? 

Ultimate flexibility  

In today's fast-paced work environment, flexibility is key. It allows IT managers to adapt to their organization’s changing needs and optimize resources. It helps them create meaningful workspaces where workers can be empowered and engaged. This is especially true in the design of meeting rooms, which have undergone a significant technological transformation in recent years to welcome video conferencing and hybrid collaboration. 

As these meeting spaces continue to be the beating heart of collaboration, many AV and UC&C brands keep on innovating to optimize the future videoconferencing and in-room meeting experiences.  

ClickShare is the answer to the challenges  we are currently experiencing in many of our meeting rooms. This futureproof, wireless collaboration tool is simple, easy to use and makes everyone part of the conversation.  So how does ClickShare bring consistent user experience to any type of meeting room and more flexibility for the IT manager? 

Let's take a closer look at how ClickShare can benefit IT managers in this explainer video. 

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