24 apr. 2024

BETTER – How Encore3 expands your creative canvas

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You chanted ‘we want more’, and we heard you. The new Encore3 is here giving every live event AV professional broader canvas space, expanded system resources by easy linking, and more versatility. Let's delve into how this next-gen switcher unlocks better performances and new possibilities for your productions. 

Unparalleled image quality  

Barco’s Event Master platform have been managing small to big screens with uncompromised quality since 2004. The new Encore3 upholds Barco's legacy of delivering exceptional visuals, boasting best-in-class Athena scaling and ultra-low processing latency down to 16ms.  

The result? Smooth live video feeds, seamless transitions, and captivating visuals with a level of detail and clarity that meets the highest standards to leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

What’s more, the Encore3’s future-proof design is ready for the 8K revolution.  


Limitless canvas 

Encore3 redefines the visual landscape with an expansive canvas space with eight 4K60 PVW/PGM outputs configurable in any way you want for single wide screen or independent screens, and never less than sixteen fully capable 4K layers per screen destination. The output driven system gives four times more canvas space and eight times more layers compared to its predecessor, the E2, accommodating the most ambitious event designs. 

This unparalleled flexibility in content presentation and screen management, makes the Event Master family’s new Encore3 a powerful switcher system to cater every event. 

Flex slots and system expansion 

The Encore3 has four flex slots which allow for either Gen2 input or output cards, these slots enable future I/O cards to have concurrent inputs and outputs. In total, a single system supports up to seven input capable card slots and up to four output capable card slots, but with each card handling up to 4x 4K@60p sources.  

In addition, the processor also ships with the readily available ability to link two chassis to support bigger shows. Easily expand your system and combine the power of two units through the 400G expansion link card and widely available QSFP28 100G connectors to increase available inputs and outputs for larger displays and widescreen applications.  

New features for enhanced creativity  

Impact matters, and the Encore3 delivers on every front. It takes the capabilities of the existing Event Master solutions and adds new sought-after functionalities empowering creativity. From 4K Cut & Fill capabilities to freeform Multiviewer as a source usable across all layers and outputs, the Event Master Toolset v10.0 release opens new avenues for experimentation and expression, allowing you to push the boundaries of your event. 



With the Barco Encore3, better isn't just a promise—it's a guarantee. Elevate your events, captivate your audience, and stay ahead of the curve with the most versatile screen management system on the market. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we'll explore how the Encore3 makes events faster and more efficient than ever before. 


Interested in an Encore3 demo and deep-dive presentation? This webinar on our YouTube channel is there for you.