10 jul. 2024

Service without worries

3 min om te lezen

Our newest I600 projector is tailored for many applications that rely on visualization like artainment, simulators, live events... In these environments, uninterrupted performance is essential. From a theme park having to shut down its ride leaving kids disappointed, to museums not being able to showcase their blockbuster exhibitions, downtime can lead to significant financial losses and disappointed guests. That’s where Barco’s EssentialCare swap service comes in, to keep your businesses running seamlessly with minimal interruption.  

Three things to know about Barco’s swap-based service model

  • replacement vs. repair

With the ‘advance swap’ service, defective projectors are swapped out for like-for-like replacements that are yours to keep. This approach eliminates the waiting time typically associated with diagnosing and repairing faulty units. Instead of enduring days or even weeks without a working projector, you get a swift replacement, allowing your operations to continue smoothly and efficiently.


  • regional swap pools

To ensure the fastest possible service, Barco has dedicated swap stocks in various regions. This regional focus means that replacements for covered projectors are always quickly available and can be shipped next-business day via express shipments. This regional accessibility is crucial for maintaining the high standards of uptime that our end users require.


  • extended coverage beyond standard warranty

The Barco EssentialCare maintenance contract extends the benefits of the 'advance swap' service beyond the standard warranty period. Normally, after the expiry of the standard warranty, you would have to return the defective unit for repair. With EssentialCare, this is no longer the case. You enjoy continuous protection and swift replacement, significantly reducing turnaround times and keeping your projectors operational.


Comprehensive support

Barco’s EssentialCare also includes direct 24/7 access to our technical phone support via our helpdesk and priority ticket handling. Your issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, EssentialCare provides up to five years (or more) of unlimited interventions covering all functional defects, eliminating unexpected repair bills for parts and labor.



Investing in Barco's EssentialCare swap service means choosing reliability and efficiency for your projector needs. Protect your I600 projectors and ensure seamless operations with the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive, long-term support. Discover more about the EssentialCare maintenance contracts here.