19 jan. 2024

Upgrade your MVL-721 to Laser – more brightness, less power consumption

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Barco MVL-721 laser projector upgrade kit ODL RGB laser

We have some exciting news for all owners/users of a Barco MVL-721 or EVL-721 rear-projection video wall! Barco launches an upgrade kit for these LED-lit models, transitioning them to laser technology. This not only boosts the brightness by a factor of 3, but also improves color performance and lifetime. And the best thing is: upgrading is a lot more friendly on the budget than total replacement!

Technology evolves. About 10 years ago, the introduction of LED light sources in control room video walls was a huge step forward compared to lamp technology. It consumed a lot less power, and hugely expanded the lifetime of the lightsource. Then came laser technology, which offered similar advantages as LED, but also boosted the light output and further improved color accuracy. Today, laser is the most used technology in rear-projection cubes (RPCs).

Upgrade: the ecological solution

Barco is a firm advocate of upgrading. The advantages are so overwhelming that total system replacement is not even an option in many cases. First of all, there are the ecological advantages. Because the bulk of the installation (including the projection screen, mirror, mechanics, ...) can remain in place, a lot less waste is produced. Only the projection engine and the input boards need replacement. This is not only more eco-friendly, but also a lot more cost-effective. Additionally, no constructional works are needed, also reducing downtime to an absolute minimum!

Sparkling colors, more brightness, longer lifetime

The new laser lightsource delivers no less than 3x the brightness output of the existing LED light. A smashing increase, that allows the video wall to operate in environments with a lot more ambient light. However, this is not the only advantage of this brightness boost. To achieve the same brightness values, less power is needed. This has its effects on the energy bill, and also on the lifetime of the lightsource (as they last longer when operated at lower levels). This again contributes to a lower ecological footprint. In fact, the ecoscore of the MVL/EVL-721 upgrade kit is A++ – the highest score possible!

Next to more brightness, laser projection also delivers sparkling colors. For the upgrade kit – which by the way uses the same technology as used for Barco's flagship ODL range – this amounts to 170% of Rec 709. And also the input options are upgraded, now offering DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMITM 2.0.

Further answering control room demands

The laser engine also answers to some additional control room requirements. As there are no cooling fans, it works ultra-silently. What's more, to ensure continuous 24/7 operations, there are redundancy options for all critical components, and the possibility for a remote power supply. Customers can also opt for a Barco EssentialCare contract of up to 10 years, for ultimate peace of mind!

Ask you local Barco contact for more information about this new laser upgrade kit for MVL-721 and EVL-721!