3D glasses

3D glasses

Disposable 3D eye shield & shield frame

3D glasses

Disposable 3D eye shield & shield frame

  • 3D‐G L 20x: Shield
  • 3D‐G F 10x: Shield frame

3D‐G L 20x is a polarizing eye shield and 3D‐G F 10x its intended eye shield frame, enabling 3D view on a 3D monitor with pattern retarder. They are meant to protect eyes from splashes, such as blood, while maintaining clear visibility of images.

Main features

The shield and frame can be used for circular polarization type 3D LCD monitors. Avoid 3D image breakdown by overlapping 3D glasses and general‐purpose shields.

The glasses are lightweight and can be worn over corrective glasses as well.

The shield is disposable and can be easily replaced at every procedure, while the frame can be reused.

Safety notes

The shield does not protect the eyes from physical shock or harmful substances.

This is not medical-grade equipment.

General specifications
3D‐G L 20x: Approximately 160 mm x 45 mm 3D‐G F 10x: Approximately 235 mm x 77mm
3D‐G L 20x: Approximately 7g 3D‐G F 10x: Approximately 16g
0 to 40°C
Vochtigheid in bedrijf
30 to 85 %
70 to 1060 hPa
Opslag - transporttemperatuur
‐20 to +60 °C
Opslag - transportvochtigheid
20 to 90 %
Opslag - transportdruk
70 to 1060 hPa
Inhoud verpakking
3D‐G L 20x: 20 units of 3D shield 3D‐G F 10x: 10 units of shield frame

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