APX AuroMax®

Spatial audio processor

  • Most realistic immersive audio
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimal investment

Over APX AuroMax®

The Barco immersive audio solution, through its APX AuroMax® spatial audio processor, delivers the most realistic representation of standardized immersive audio as per recently released SMPTE standard. It is the only immersive audio solution that utilizes both three-layer zones and a balanced mixture of channel and object-based technology.

Most realistic immersive audio

By leveraging Barco’s spatial sound rendering technology, the APX AuroMax delivers the most realistic immersive audio cinema experience. It adds additional zones to the room allowing for better placement of specific objects in the mix, regardless of the size of the room.

Maximum flexibility

Leveraging Barco’s signature surround layer and screen channel configuration, Barco’s newly optimized immersive audio solution offers a large variety of speaker configurations up to 26.1, also supporting Auro 11.1, classic 5.7 or 7.1 and anything in between compared to others!

Minimal investment

Barco immersive audio can be installed in both existing and new theaters for up to half the cost of alternative object-based audio, thanks to need for less amplifier channels and lower powered speakers.

Compliant with SMPTE 2098-2

The SMPTE immersive audio standard requires movies created in this format to play on systems designed to accommodate these standards. Barco’s immersive audio solution supports the placement of objects in any immersive mix as defined by the industry standard.

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APX AuroMax®

APX-A EU (32 analog output channels)
APX-A CN (32 analog output channels)
APX-A US (32 analog output channels)
APX-A UK (32 analog output channels)
APX-D EU (32 digital output channels)
APX-D CN (32 digital output channels)
APX-D US (32 digital output channels)
APX-D UK (32 digital output channels)
APX AuroMax® Spatial Audio Processor
APX-D ( digital)
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