Barco UniSee upgrade kit

Barco UniSee upgrade kit

Upgrade to the latest technology and secure your investment

Barco UniSee upgrade kit

Upgrade to the latest technology and secure your investment

  • Secure your investment
  • Upgrade to latest technology
  • Improved color performance under wider viewing angles
  • Easier deployment and serviceability

Since 2017, professionals all over the world have invested in the Barco UniSee LCD platform. The industry – and Barco – have continued to invest in LCD R&D. Our platform continues to address the changing needs of the market. The LED backlights used in LCD displays tend to burn out over time. If used at high or maximum brightness, the industry estimates the lifespan to be approximately five years. Time to replace your system? Not at all. You can secure your investment by simply upgrading your current Barco UniSee (UNI-5000 / UNI-800x) installations to the latest generation (UNI-0005 (500 nits) / UNI-0007 (700 nits) or UNI-2008 (UniSee II 800 nits), reusing your UniSee Smart Mount/Input electronics/Power supply*/Wall Manager HW, while enjoying extended warranty for 3 years. 

The next generation using your existing set-up

The latest generation Barco Unisee panels improve your work on two fronts. On the one hand, they offer improved color performance under wider viewing angles. They also excel in low energy consumption and eco design, and come with the Barco Eco Product label, following Barco’s ISO14021 compliant eco-scoring methodology.

What’s more, deployment and serviceability will also become easier for partners. Getting the video wall up and running after installation is faster, meaning maintenance is simplified for longer useful life. 

All of these great new features mean one thing: it’s a great time to upgrade your video wall system and enjoy the best that Barco UniSee has to offer while saving money.

For a full overview of the specifications, please refer to the Barco UniSee pages.


* power supply excluded in the Warranty.


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