Collaboration wall manager

Collaboration wall manager

Facilitating collaboration using ad-hoc selected content

Collaboration wall manager

Facilitating collaboration using ad-hoc selected content

  • Very intuitive user interface
  • Easy selection of sources
  • Easy selection of wall composition
  • Very flexible solution for breakout rooms

Barco’s Collaboration Wall Manager is an intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based user interface, designed to guide participants in a collaboration session to display supporting content on the video wall of breakout rooms. With Collaboration Wall Manager, TransForm N expands its use-case beyond the traditional control room video wall and unleashes the power of working collaboratively in front of a breakout video wall. Working together on any type of content to be shared on the video wall has never been easier. Just select the sources, select the preferred layout, and change the source positions in the layout. Quickly & easily!

Select and display content

The Collaboration Wall Managers allows users to select content from a source list. This can be any source enabled inside the particular TransForm N deployment – including video sources, Clickshare sources, Internet or Intranet HTML content, computer sources, etc. Once the desired sources have been selected, they can be displayed on the video wall with a simple click. Of course, individual sources can be added to, or removed from, the video wall at any time during the collaboration session.

Collaboration wall manager layoutThe number of sources selected defines how they will appear on the video wall in a custom pre-defined default layout. In addition to the default layout, additional layouts can be defined for each wall and/or each number of sources. For example, a user who has selected 4 sources on a particular video wall, can easily switch between the different layouts that were defined for these 4 sources on that video wall.

For specific layouts − e.g. a big central tile and a couple of smaller adjacent tiles − the Collaboration Wall Manager can also swap sources between tiles. Simply tap 2 times on the tablet, and a source positioned in a small tile will swap with the one positioned in the big tile.


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