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Over CRWQ-62B

Sharing large data sets in multi-window applications is a breeze with the CRWQ-62B. As multiple participants can be on-screen simultaneously, it allows for more effective collaboration during meetings. Filling the entire screen from a single source, or simply setting up a video conference call that includes a PowerPoint presentation becomes really easy with this projector. It takes away the need for complex setups with multiple displays using a blended system or LCD or Plasma based screen configurations with bezels. As the CRWQ-62B provides stable and high contrast images that don’t tire your eyes and offers a low noise level, you can turn your meeting room into an efficient collaboration room.

Sublime images 

With its exceptional 4.1 megapixels (2,560 x 1,600 resolution), the CRWQ-62B offers 77% more pixels than a regular WUXGA display and 97.5% more than a 1080p display, making it the perfect solution for presenting large data sets in a single, high-quality image. Combined with the high-performance projection lenses, it provides razor-sharp and crystal clear images with an unmatched level of contrast and detail for ultimate work comfort. 

Cost-effective design

Designed for easy installation, the CRWQ-62B significantly reduces setup and maintenance costs compared to a multi-channel blend or LCD/Plasma solution with bezels. All the projector requires is a single DVI-D cable to be able to produce its high resolution. The CRWQ-62B has a filter-free design, an energy-efficient and flexible dual lamp system and comes with the integrated DLP® technology for unmatched accuracy. Operating the projector in single lamp mode provides you with 5,000 worry-free hours of operation without component replacements.

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