EssentialCare for Secure sites

EssentialCare for Secure sites

Ultimate peace of mind

EssentialCare for Secure sites

Ultimate peace of mind

  • On-site training and repair services
  • Non-return swap
  • Expert support
  • Long product lifetime guaranteed
  • Shorter response time
  • Operational cost predictability

Getting the most out of your investment

Because highly secure control rooms require special attention when it comes to hardware lifecycle management and issue resolution, Barco introduces EssentialCare for Secure Sites. Just like the traditional EssentialCare for Control Rooms, this offering ensures a swift response to any escalation. Additionally, it also answers the complexities of end-of-life hardware handling. These components can contain sensitive information and should therefore never leave the premises. The new EssentialCare for Secure Sites has the needed protocols in place to protect all data on end-of-life hardware.

Meet EssentialCare for Secure Sites

  • Support duration – up to 5 years
  • Support services
    • Service portal to log incidents and access our extensive knowledge base
    • Highest priority business hour helpdesk
  • Hardware coverage
    • Onsite spares and non-return replacements. For LED the replacement modules are batch compatible.
    • NBD express shipment
    • Firmware updates
  • Software coverage
    • Updates, bug fixes, security patches

Your benefits

Peace of mind with long term support

  • 5 years support available on all products
  • Barco CTRL, TruePix-TAA version, Barco UniSee-TAA version
  • Direct support from Barco service engineers
  • Increased success rate of first intervention

Speed up response time to maximize end-user’s system uptime

  • Special procedures in place for secure sites
  • Issue priority handling with 1-hour response time
  • Full-time access to self-help web portal
  • Express shipment of replacement parts
  • Firmware and software always up to date to perform at best

Keep costs under control

  • Upgrade systems cost-effectively
  • Avoid non-budgeted support and maintenance costs

Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

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