F85 series

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Over F85 series

The F85 is a compact 3-chip DLP projector that is suitable for 24/7 operation in both rental and fixed installations. Thanks to its active or passive 3D up to 120 Hz, the F85 is equally perfect for simulation applications for oil and gas, automotive prototyping and scientific research. What's more, it provides a low total cost of ownership.

High-class performance and image quality

The F85 pairs high-class performance with ultimate reliability in a compact form factor. It is available with a large range of lenses that cover different focal distances for true flexibility. Featuring high brightness levels, optical color filtering for accurate colors, 3D stereo and configurable X-PORT™ I/O and image processing, unequaled image quality is guaranteed at all times.  To tailor your F85 to your specific application, you can choose from WUXGA and 1080p resolution, as well as a special projector type that can optically switch between REC709 and DCI P7 color spaces. 


  • 3-chip DLP® Technology
  • Active 3D stereo at up to 120 Hz
  • Up to 11,000 lumens
  • X-PORT™ module connectivity 
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • WUXGA or 1080p resolution
  • Dual 400W UHP™ lamps
  • Advanced Color Optical Processing (ACOP)
  • RealColor™ color management
  • Up to five years warranty
  • Wide range of Ultra High Quality projection lenses







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