Infinipix™ manager NM100

Infinipix™ management software for LED displays

  • Straightforward GUI
  • Maximum security for data-critical environments
  • Certified inhouse software development
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Over Infinipix™ manager NM100

The Infinipix™ Manager (NM100) is the next generation in LED display management software. The NM100 hosts a straightforward web interface that allows you to access information for your display hardware and offers the tools to (pre)view lay-outs and manipulate settings on the LED wall.

A worry-free canvas

The InfinipixTM NM100 allows for stress-free remote serviceability and makes the life of any installer or operator a lot easier with an intuitive and simple WYSIWYG interface. It also offers the possibility to set-up multiple profiles with different access rights facilitating efficient maintenance while also eliminating risks of data leaks.

Closed-loop security

LED displays are used in various data-critical applications: government monitoring centers, military command posts, internal company presentations… Instead of using the standard transfer protocol, our InfinipixTM processors work with a proprietary Barco engineered protocol to encrypt the sensitive data. Keep your crucial data from falling into the wrong hands, and trust the InfinipixTM processing. 


The NM100 can be configured with a fit-for-purpose licensing model, meaning you can expand and upgrade the system when you need additional advanced features. 

Infinipix™ manager NM100

Infinipix Manager NM100
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