EssentialCare for LED

EssentialCare maintenance and support services for LED

  • Up to 10 years complete peace of mind
  • Batch-compatible LED replacement modules
  • Helpdesk priority treatment

Over EssentialCare for LED

Long-term complete peace-of-mind with guaranteed display uniformity and fast resolution

  1. Run your LED display (XT or TruePix series) with full confidence and complete peace-of-mind with 10 years of dedicated service and support for your system. With over 50 years of visualization experience in mission-critical environments across various industries, you can rely on Barco as a solid and reliable service partner.
  2. Enjoy guaranteed color consistency across your LED display during the entire contract period. Servicing is exclusively done with fully batch compatible replacement modules that meet the specs of your original tiles. A uniform image, now and well into the future.
  3. Have spare LED tiles at your disposal to cover potential handling damages during the installation. The EssentialCare contract also gives you access to onsite spare parts for immediate remediation.
  4. Benefit from priority support with helpdesk responses to your tickets within four business hours, and spare parts assured to leave the next business day per express shipment.
  5. Advanced swap for all components


 EssentialCare benefits  
Duration XT-Q, XT-E, TP-Q and TP-E: 5 years
XT, XT-HB: 7 years
TP:10 years
Support services  
E-portal access Yes
Helpdesk access Barco partner/integrator
Helpdesk availability Business hours (priority handling)
Parts Coverage  
Service model Advance swap
Shipment SLA Next business day express shipment
Batch compatible LED modules Yes
Onsite spare LED modules Yes
Spare LED modules during installation Yes
Application software updates Yes
Firmware updates Yes
Video wall Management Suite Monitor (TruePix only)


Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

EssentialCare for LED

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