OverView KVL-621

OverView KVL‑621

Industry-standard 60” full HD 16:9 LED video wall

OverView KVL‑621

Industry-standard 60” full HD 16:9 LED video wall

With the OverView KVL series, Barco has launched a display range that has a well balanced set of essential features, perfectly fitting the standard requirements. All this comes without any compromise in quality, and with a special focus on limiting both the initial purchase as the runtime cost. 

The OverView KVL-621 is an easy to operate 16:9 LED-lit projection module that has been designed to offer the typical detail, brightness, and features in full HD resolution for demanding small to medium-sized control rooms.

Unmatched LED lifetime

Barco’s unique cooling system significantly reduces the temperature of the LEDs. This not only prolongs the lifetime of the LEDs (>80,000 hrs), but also allows for durably higher brightness levels. The long LED lifetime guarantees a great uptime and very low overhead costs. The latest LED technology ensures that the power consumption is 30% lower than comparable products.

Comfortable viewing experience

To ensure good wall uniformity in terms of color and brightness levels, the OverView KVL-621 comes with Barco’s Sense5 automatic calibration system. This system works with an advanced color sensor that continuously measures the primary color levels of the entire wall, and adjusts white point and color when needed. This results in a significantly more accurate cube to cube uniformity, over the complete runtime. Furthermore, the module’s robust structure makes the OverView KVL-621 suitable for use in industrial environments.

Key characteristics

  • 6x redundancy of LEDs (per color)
  • Sense5 automatic white point and primary colors calibration, for brightness and color stability
  • Unique cooling system ensures longer LED lifetime
  • Low power design
  • Wide color gamut
  • Less disposables, less waste
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
General specifications
Dual link DVI in / Dual link DVI out
320 MHz
24 – 62 Hz
49 – 61 Hz
Grafische gebruikersinterface
All settings and operational parameters
2 years
on-screen: 320 Cd/m²
DLP rear projection
Loop through up to 10 cubes
Cropping / upscaling
Directe Ethernet-toegang
Built-in web server
Wit punt
6500K, 3200K fix
Interface van derden
WEB service API (optional)
Light source 6x redundancy for each of 3 LEDs
Self calibration with Sense5 based on advanced color sensor
90 – 240 V, 50-60Hz
10°C-40°C, 80% humidity (nc)
Levensduur lichtbron
> 60,000h (typ.)
> 80,000h (eco)
MTBF LED: > 500,000h
90W (eco)
150W (typ.)
180W (max)
  • Diagonal: 60"
  • Width: 1328 mm | 52"
  • Height: 747 mm | 29"
  • Depth: 1056 mm | 42"
  • Weight: 106.5 kg | 234.8 lbs
Ruimte tussen schermen
< 1 mm | 0.04" (@25°C)
< 0.2 mm | 0.0079" (at higher temperatures)
310 BTU/h (eco)
510 BTU/h (typ.)
610 BTU/h (max)
Contrast op scherm
1,200,000:1 (dynamic)
1,600:1 (typ)

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