Dit product is niet meer beschikbaar.

Aan alles komt een einde. Dit product is niet meer verkrijgbaar maar onze R&D-teams hebben nieuwe producten met betere specificaties ontwikkeld.

TruePix TP1.9

1.9 mm pixel pitch, high-res indoor LED display

Over X2.8R

The X2.8R is a 2.8mm pixel pitch LED display that's designed for the rental and staging market. It brings superior image quality, true cross- rentability features, peace of mind and quick install to live events.

Superior image quality

Thanks to its Infinipix™ processing, the X2.8R provides excellent image quality. Day or night, it offers stunning image quality in both dimmed and high-brightness mode. The display accurately reproduces the colors you have in mind, in all lighting conditions. Infinipix™ processing guarantees smooth video synchronization, without tearing or stutter.

Reliable and easy to set up

If your image fails, your show fails. The X2.8R guarantees peace of mind as the redundant data path automatically takes over in case of failures. The e-mail status notifications allow you to proactively manage your displays. The X2.8R consists of a carbon fiber frame makes it strong and light at the same time.

What's more, it's beam can be both used as a truss or footer so the investment in hardware is limited to the absolute minimum.

If you need to swap an LED module, the Infinipix™ architecture allows this action to be performed in barely minutes…

Truly cross rentable

Thanks to our proprietary calibration technology, the X2.8R is perfectly suited for cross-renting. In this way, you can endlessly combine LED tiles from different rental companies to execute large projects. The X2.8R guarantees consistent brightness and image quality across your entire surface at all times.


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