The golden words in breast imaging: early diagnosis

As a breast radiologist, you want to catch breast cancer in its earliest stage. However, cases today are often complex, with images from a myriad of modalities to read and compare. This often results in elaborate desk setups with multiple workstations, each with their own purpose. If you sometimes wonder “How can I simplify this?”, you’re not alone.


A unique field in constant flux

Breast imaging is changing constantly. Developments such as AI are lifting the field to a whole new level. We believe that the key to keeping up is simple: dare to be selective. Choose infrastructure that is flexible, ready for the future, and exclusively specialized in breast imaging.


World-class display systems for your multimodality workflow

We are dedicated to breast imaging in all its forms: we help you see the smallest details, make swift and confident diagnoses, and improve detection. Our specialized displays support multiple breast imaging modalities. In color and grayscale, and in the highest image quality out there. Technology must have a purpose, and ours is to support you and your patients in every way we can.


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