Radiology: a field under strain but in rapid evolution

Long hours, evening shifts, being on call, a heavy workload … That’s how many would describe the job of a radiologist. There is a worldwide shortage of radiologists, which you probably even feel in your own organization. However, technology offers important solutions to regain work-life balance, protect focused work and put your patients first.


Focus on the radiologist, focus on the patient

Remote reading, AI, productivity, ergonomics and work-life balance, … Almost all the changes currently happening in radiology have as main drivers your comfort as radiologist and your patients’ safety. Our mission is to help you cope with your growing workload. Keep delivering excellent patient results and avoid strain, stress and fatigue.


Work with precision, comfort and focus

Our radiology display systems help you see the smallest details and make swift, well-informed decisions. Both in the office and at home. They accommodate the wide variety of imaging modalities that exist today, with a consistent image quality.

Finally, you get to enjoy workflow tools and technologies that are tailored to radiology. Developed by our in-house R&D teams, with decades of experience in medical visualization. Quality guaranteed.

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