Remarkable story-telling, lasting impact

Passive museum audiences have become a thing of the past. Visitors want to be immersed and be part of the story. Today's museums and planetariums need to reconsider their institution as a physical extension of today's online cultural society by combining rich content with impressive visuals and interactive experiences.

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Teach your visitors something new through a fun and entertaining experience!

An entertaining video in a small theater introducing the exhibition's subject. Interactive display setups to support the historical information. Or a one-of-a-kind video mapping transforming the venue in an immersive art installation. Visualization technology brings your narrative to life in the most creative ways. 


Recognizing the added value of technology in your museum can only result in a success story. That is if you rely on the right solutions.

Generate consistent immersion and keep your guests engaged at all times with reliable technologies that are non-intrusive. Reinvent your venue in a flick of the switch with versatile equipment, and build appealing, immersive shows that also make sense financially in the long-term. 

With Barco's high-performing technology and services you can create the most inspiring visitor attractions while also maximizing the potential of your venue. 

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Museums 2.0

Visitors are key. But visitors are changing… New generations ask for new approaches.

If museums wish to keep up with the times, they have to understand the needs of the digital natives. Speak their language. And sync with their interests. A transition empowered by technology.

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