Better skilled healthcare workers are in great shortage

Are you looking to advance hybrid or remote medical or healthcare knowledge effectively and flexibly? Expand the reach of your training programs beyond the traditional training room and open new revenue streams? Then virtual and hybrid training might be for you.  


Cutting-edge, high-precision hybrid and remote medical training  

Delivering healthcare and medical training in virtual or hybrid mode is the solution. But you must make sure the experience meets the high standards and precision the industry requires to enable positive health outcomes.  


Advanced virtual and hybrid technology for real-world healthcare

The Barco technology, our service offering, and specialist team will ensure you deliver the best-quality training experiences. Our products for virtual and hybrid training will guarantee crystal-clear views and visually-accurate sessions that you need, thanks to multiple content streams, cameras and angles, and the possibility to integrate additional equipment.   

Nipro virtually trained healthcare workers from 50+ countries at real-world healthcare standards

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