DARK MATTER installations include AV playground for all ages with Barco F80 projections

Berlin, DE - 2021

The Rummelsburg neighborhood in Berlin, located in the lively Lichtenberg district, has in recent years developed into a creative hub. This is the home of DARK MATTER, a brand-new multimedia exhibition space appropriately housed in the premises of a former factory site wedged between power plants and factories.

Barco solutions: 

  • 4 x F80-4K7 

Key benefits: 

  • Stunning image quality
  • Lowest latency and best color performance thanks to thanks to Barco Pulse software
  • Great interactive experience thanks to 3D capabilities

Redefining the interface between technology and creativity in seven chapters

DARK MATTER describes itself as a multidimensional parallel cosmos of expansive light installations in which the boundaries between the real and digital worlds become blurred. Built across 1.000m² of exhibition space, it currently comprises seven unique sculptural and kinetic visual works created by Christopher Bauder of WHITEvoid. Within the pitch-black rooms of the converted factory building, the visitor embarks on a journey through seven spaces with light, movement and sound merging into interactive emotional choreographies.

An interactive digitally expanded sculpture with Barco projection

The fifth space, “Polygon Playground”, captivates with a projection mapped scenic piece that translates a computer-generated object into the real space, located in the center of the room with lighting effects and projections synched to reactive sounds. The walkable object designed by Christopher Bauder and produced by studio WHITEvoid, has implemented Barco F80s projection technology to bring this walkable interactive sculpture to life.

“We know Barco as a leading manufacturer of products with very high quality,” says Christian Meissner, project manager at WHITEvoid. “So, when we started our search for the right projectors to bring the Polygon Playground work to the DARK MATTER exhibition, we were insistent to get in touch with Barco as our first choice.”

The four laser projectors transmit onto the object a seamless 360-degree projection that covers the surface of the sculpture like a digital skin. The interactive surface plays with perception and gives the impression of the ground moving and changing under the visitors’ feet as they walk and climb over it. By interacting with the object, everyone becomes part of the work and directly influences its appearance.

A place of forward-looking experiments

Visitors have expressed their excitement and shared their fascination for the tangible and reactive art piece. The interactivity aspect has been well received by the younger visitors, but not exclusively. The DARK MATTER experience is really one to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Christian Meissner concludes: “Through the support of our strong partners we can offer our visitors a unique experience at the highest technical standard. As a result, DARK MATTER becomes a memorable audio-visual experience that flirts with the extreme limits of what is technically possible. And in some cases, becoming something that even redefines these possibilities.” And in cooperation with its innovative technology partners, DARK MATTER will continue to operate as a space for experimentation.

Picture and video courtesy by WHITEvoid

We know Barco as a leading manufacturer of very high quality products so we were insistent to get in touch with Barco as our first choice.

Christian Meissner

Project manager at WHITEvoid

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