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Nureva Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Collaboration that clicks

Start hybrid meetings in seconds from your laptop with Barco ClickShare Conference and Nureva® audio. Together we make it simple to get clear, reliable audio in any meeting space, helping to keep collaboration easy and smooth for those in the room and those joining remotely.

In the spotlight – Features

Nureva audio conferencing solutions

Up and running in less than an hour

Discover the secret to easier audio:

  • No DSP required – advanced processing power is built-in.
  • No complicated wiring or invasive ceiling installs.
  • No need to purchase multiple separate components.
  • No lengthy configuration processes.
  • No specialized skills needed for installation and maintenance.

Plug it in and it just works. It’s that simple.

Microphone Mist technology

Powering all Nureva systems is patented Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that audio conferencing has been waiting for. It fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones, so people’s voices are picked up everywhere.

A revolution in pro audio

Getting pro audio performance in mid-sized to extra-large spaces doesn’t need to be complicated. Nureva audio systems offer advanced processing power and premium features for rooms up to 35' x 55' (10.7 x 16.8 m), without the cost and complexity of custom pro AV systems.

In the spotlight – products

Fill your rooms with virtual microphones and get great audio performance without the cost and complexity of traditional systems. Patented Microphone MistTM technology is revolutionizing audio conferencing – and it’s only available from Nureva.

HDL410 system

Get pro AV performance in your extra-large meeting rooms with an IT-friendly audio conferencing solution. The HDL410 offers advanced processing power and premium features for rooms up to 35' x 55' (10.7 x 16.8 m), without the cost and complexity of custom pro AV systems.

HDL310 system

Discover the simple and scalable way to get pro AV performance in large spaces up to 30' x 30' (9.1 x 9.1 m). The HDL310 is your no-compromise alternative to all-in-one sound bars that have limited microphone pickup range and custom AV systems that are costly and complex.

HDL200 system

Choose the groundbreaking microphone and speaker bar that delivers great audio in your medium-sized meeting rooms. The HDL200 system picks up every voice in spaces up to 18' x 18' (5.5 x 5.5 m), no matter where people sit, face or move. It’s as stylish as it is powerful and can be easily mounted almost anywhere.

Creating the flexibility we need

Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare Conference are a great match for all medium to extra-large BYOD spaces. Everything and everyone simply connects.

Start a meeting with your preferred conferencing platform by plugging in the ClickShare Conference Button into your laptop and clicking it. Immediately, your laptop connects to Nureva’s high-quality microphone and speaker bar. Even if you need to rearrange a space for different types of meetings, the Nureva HDL200, HDL310 and HDL410 systems never need to be moved. Continuous autocalibration means that the audio system is always ready – no tinkering required.

Why combine ClickShare with Nureva?

Consistent and reliable audio for BYOM spaces

Nureva’s audio conferencing systems are powered by patented Microphone Mist technology, which fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones for true full-room coverage to ensure remote participants can hear every word. ClickShare Conference perfectly connects with the advanced audio solutions from Nureva, offering an immersive BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) experience for both in-room and remote attendees.

Easy to install, seamless user experience

Installing an HDL200, HDL310 or HDL410 system and connecting it to a ClickShare Base Unit takes 30 minutes or less (60 for the HDL410). There’s no complicated wiring required – just connect with a USB cable and you’re set to go.

Meeting participants can easily host meetings with their own device using any UC&C platform. With ClickShare Conference, you don’t need any cables. Just plug in the Button and the Nureva audio system, USB camera and display will be recognized. You can wirelessly share your content for easy conferencing.

Solutions that work for every space

Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare products can be combined in multiple ways to suit the size and use case of virtually any meeting space. Thanks to Nureva audio’s continuous calibration, which easily adapts to changing room configurations and seating arrangements, you can easily reconfigure spaces with no need for manual system adjustments.

Nureva BYOM conference room solutions for Barco ClickShare

Nureva audio systems and ClickShare products suit virtually any office space – you bring your own device, and everything and everyone connects. Plus, with ongoing updates to meet your evolving needs, the audio systems you buy today will only get better over time. Explore your options below.

Утвержденные периферийные устройства

Устройство Прошивка
Clickshare Conference
Тип Функциональная совместимость
Dual HDL300 3.2.104 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
HDL200 1.7.166588 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
HDL300 3.2.104 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
HDL310 1.8.269710 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
HDL410 1.8.269710 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
CV30 9.1.71 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible

Company Profile

Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich private company that makes it refreshingly easy for IT teams to equip meeting and learning spaces with great audio. Every Nureva system is powered by the company’s patented Microphone Mist technology, which fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so voices are picked up everywhere, no matter where people sit, move or face. The technology also features continuous autocalibration, noise reduction, position-based gain control and simultaneous processing, providing remote participants with a clear, reliable listening experience. Nureva’s award-winning product line offers a variety of solutions that include the HDL310 and HDL410 audio conferencing systems, which deliver pro AV performance in large and extra-large rooms without the cost and complexity associated with traditional pro AV solutions. A passion for achieving simplicity through deep user understanding drives the company’s product roadmap and the value it creates for its customers. For more information, visit Nureva’s website and follow the company on LinkedIn at Nureva Inc.

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Nureva Inc

1301 401 9 Avenue SW
Calgary Alberta
T2P 3C5

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