Barco Overture launches new Driver Builder tool

Atlanta, 18 October 2018 - Barco Overture has just released the Driver Builder, a new tool that increases the production of drivers within its Overture A/V monitoring and control software. Designed as a standard device driver, Driver Builder allows users to easily generate a new device driver in Overture’s Configurator without any programming.

The freedom to create

Overture is about creating a better user experience for everyone using the software – including those configuring the system in campus and corporate environments. The Driver Builder is designed with this user experience in mind. Adding a new driver using this tool can be done without any programming giving the integrator quick and easy access to make changes to the system at their own discretion.

“Driver Builder further enhances the speed of deployment for new devices and brings a better experience for those configuring the system,” said David Rouchet, R&D Director for Overture.  A driver created using Driver Builder can also be re-edited whenever any change or improvement is required, giving the integrator the flexibility of making updates at any time. Increasing deployment speed means rooms can be ready to go at a much faster pace than in the past through simple configuration.


How it works

The tool removes the need for JavaScript programming and results in faster development of new drivers for devices. Now anyone can open up their Overture instance, specify the commands and variables for their device and specify how the driver should communicate with the device. Integrators should find the Driver Builder especially valuable as it offers them the freedom to create or adapt their own drivers with minimal effort.

Expected increase in efficiency by 25%

With the new Driver Builder, the Overture team is forecasting an increase in the production of drivers by 25%. “Not only will the Driver Builder bring the availability of device support to market faster, we will also be able to place more emphasis on new features for the roadmap,” said Jan van Houtte, Director of Product Management for Overture. This comes at an excellent time as Higher Education institutes are back in sessions and many IT and AV staff are looking for alternatives to better monitoring and control using dashboard features that safeguard the return on investment for their complete campus AV installations.

Special Offer to Educational Institutes

Overture is currently offering a Special Offer for Education to IT and AV staff members at educational institutes exploring new or complimentary solutions to remotely monitor and control all their rooms through a software-based approach. For more info:

About Overture
Overture, an IP-based AV control and monitoring software, delivers an easy to use, reliable and scalable solution that can be run remotely through any web-based browser while requiring no programming, only simple configuration. From the power of its remote helpdesk to scheduling behaviors such as automating devices on the entire floor to turn off at the same time – Overture handles it all. It is currently available as on-premise and cloud deployment.

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