Health and safety arrangements

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Health and safety arrangementsSubjectClick on the document link below to openall works involving third partiesworks involving building contractorstemporary & mobile construction sitesworks at KUU site*works at KOR site*
Part 1General regulations for all sites (BE) and all works involving third partiesEHS-PR-2032-ENXX-XX
Part 2aSite-specific risks & prevention measures – KUU siteEHS-PR-2033-EN   X-
Part 2bSite-specific risks & prevention measures – KOR siteEHS-PR-2034-EN   -X
Part 3Specific risks and prevention measures for works involving building contractorsEHS-PR-2038-EN- -XX
Checklist : Last Minute Risk AssessmentEHS-FO-2064-ENXX-XX
Letter of intent safety co-ordination temporary & mobile construction sitesEHS-FO-2070-EN--X  

  • KUU: Noordlaan 5, 8520 Kuurne
  • KOR: Beneluxpark 21, 8500 Kortrijk

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