State of Morelos

Morelos, MX - 2015

Long prized for its economic vitality, Morelos has recently become infiltrated by criminal groups that operate in the surrounding area, necessitating improvements to its law enforcement system.

Improving safety with enhanced situational awareness
To facilitate coordination of all agencies responsible for safety and provide emergency services, the State of Morelos developed a “C5” facility for Coordination, Command, Control, Communications and Computing. The center boasts the latest technology platforms, such as the telecommunications network, radio network, information systems as well as emergency services, civil and corporate security, municipalities. At the heart of the new center is a state-of-the-art Barco video wall solution to boost collaborative visualization and situational awareness across Morelos.

Advanced visualization, easily managed
The government installed 1,000+ surveillance cameras which are monitored using a 5x3 Barco OverView OL-721 series video wall with the assistance of AV integrator ItalSystems. For the crisis room, penitentiary surveillance and NOC and SOC services, the State deployed several NSL-4621 near-seamless LCD video walls. Barco’s TransForm N controllers combined with CMS-200 Control Room Management suite software (V. 2.7), enabling users to display and share content – including Perspectives (a grouping of sources) – among all video walls in the facility over the IP network.

The result: a true networked visualization platform that ensures scalability for the future.

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