UP 100: In Uttar Pradesh, help is always just a phone call away

Lucknow, IN - 2017

The brand-new, centralized control center of the emergency response system of Uttar Pradesh, located in the capital of Lucknow, is one of the most cutting-edge in the world. Responsible for providing emergency response services to more than 204 million people, it routes information from calls and texts to the nearest police stations and response units so that they can deliver aid in around 15 minutes. How? Through the use of advanced monitoring systems powered by Barco audiovisual technology.

Barco's solution

  • 180 cubes of MVL - 721

Why Barco?

  • Networked based solution
  • Seamless viewing experience
  • Easy to share information
If the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was a country, it would be the fifth largest in the world. Here, the UP 100 police emergency system provides immediate relief to people in urban, rural and remote areas of one of the world’s most populous regions. To make this possible, the service’s central contact center in Lucknow is now equipped with four Barco video wall arrays that provide police and emergency responders with all necessary information.

The establishment of a modern, high-tech emergency response center has been a governmental priority for quite some time, and the province is keenly interested in encouraging the growth of ‘smart cities’. Officially inaugurated in October 2016, the UP 100 system – which is a huge step toward the ambitions of the province – is fully online and will contribute to bettering the lives of millions of Indian citizens annually. To provide the ultimate in monitoring capabilities, the province identified Barco video walls, which can be easily networked and are capable of clearly displaying even the most minute details, as the ideal solution.

Consistently clear, connected images

Originally, the center’s control rooms were equipped with a huge number of LED TV panels. At the end of 2016, these were replaced with OverView MVL-721 video walls by local Barco partner Godrej and systems integrator Mahindra Defense — for a total of 180 cubes in various configurations. “The new video walls provide us with a seamless viewing experience,” says Anil Aggarwal, Additional Director General at UP Police. “And because they are part of a network-based visualization solution, we can easily move content from one wall to another.”

The right information, the right people, the right way

Because Uttar Pradesh is so vast and populous, this level of control is indispensable for emergency operations. Anil: “The whole process, from taking calls to dispatching the right people, requires a lot of information. This data is displayed on the video walls and shared instantly with supervisors, which greatly improves our efficiency. In this way, we can deliver on our promise to provide relief within 15-20 minutes, anytime and anywhere.”

The new video walls provide us with a seamless viewing experience.

Anil Aggarwal

Additional Director General, UP Police

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