Barco Event Master drives unparalleled visual experience for Illenium's "Trilogy" concert at So-Fi stadium

Los Angeles, United States - 2024

In a groundbreaking concert that pushed the boundaries of live event production, Barco's Event Master systems were at the heart of delivering an unparalleled visual experience for Illenium's "Trilogy" concert at the So-Fi Stadium. With a reputation for high-energy performances and visually stunning shows, Illenium's latest event was set to surpass expectations, thanks to the high versatility of the E2 platform.

Barco solutions:

  • 4x E2 Gen 2

Key benefits:

  • Seamless scaling and sync of media server content to all LED screens
  • Super-Aux mode for innovative content distribution to the stadium's Oculus ring
  • Great collaboration with pre-sales support and use-case validation



Following two record-breaking events in Las Vegas and Denver, the American musician and DJ Illenium aimed to elevate the live event experience in Los Angeles with a concert that would not only showcase his five-album discography but also set new standards in immersive events complete with cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals.




The two sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium are a massive audiovisual production. The primary LED wall's vast 7680x2160 resolution posed a significant challenge, stretching the capabilities of the available media servers. Furthermore, the integration of the visuals with the stadium's Oculus ring LED display required a solution that was both versatile and powerful. The event's success hinged on flawless visual synchronization and innovative content distribution.




Brown Note Productions, tasked with this ambitious project, turned to Barco for a solution that could handle the complexity and scale of the event. Barco's Event Master systems emerged as the linchpin for the visual spectacle. Every visible pixel was processed through an E2.

Two linked E2s ensured the media server content was not only synchronized but also scaled perfectly to fit the immense primary LED Walls. An additional single E2 was responsible for the “Pods” around the room. As a reliable system knowing the ropes of the industry, the E2s guaranteed uninterrupted visuals throughout the 3-set performance.

The fourth E2 was a dedicated system which ingeniously broke down 4K sources into 8 discrete HD outputs, making it possible to extend the visual experience to the Oculus ring—a feat previously deemed unattainable.

Recognizing the importance of a knowledgeable and confident production team, Barco provided two comprehensive training sessions, both virtually and on-site, equipping Brown Note Productions with the expertise needed to leverage the E2 systems to their full potential.

"Using the E2 to help drive the Oculus proved highly advantageous,” says Matt Ardoin, Video System Engineer at Brown Note Productions Inc.  “It effortlessly managed the task of splitting and scaling two 4K rasters into the eight 3G signals required for driving the Oculus. The flexibility to easily swap input and output cards offered valuable adaptability. Eric Ewing's guidance was invaluable in navigating us through this powerful machine."




The concert’s visual experience was nothing short of revolutionary. The seamless integration of the main LED wall and the Oculus ring, powered by Barco's E2 systems, created an immersive environment that perfectly complemented Illenium's electrifying performance. And the success of the event bolstered Brown Note Productions' confidence in using E2 systems for future projects, eagerly anticipating the next-generation products from Barco.

Using the E2 proved highly advantageous. The flexibility to easily swap input and output cards offered valuable adaptability.

Matt Ardoin,

Video System Engineer at Brown Note Productions Inc.

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