Barco illuminates the "Path of Splendor" for young athletes

Beijing, CN - 2023

The magnificent opening ceremony of the World University Games was held in Chengdu, aglow with the radiance of eighty Barco UDX series laser projectors, along with five E2 units and two EC-200 Barco Event Master System units. This ensured the seamless execution of the ceremony and the perfect fusion of traditional culture and youthful spirit.

Barco solutions:

  • 80x UDX
  • 5x E2
  • 2x EC-200

Key benefits:

  • Consistent high-lumen light output, guaranteeing unwavering performance
  • 4K HD resolution, facilitating the display of intricate image details
  • Vibrant color presentation, accurately capturing artistic creations
  • Modular design, significantly saving time and reducing workload
  • Barco’s highly cooperative and responsive team
  • As a leading brand in this industry, Barco stands as the ideal choice for the grand opening ceremonies of sports events




    On July 28, the opening ceremony of the 31st Summer World University Games took place at the main venue - Dong’An Lake Sports Park. University students from all around the globe gathered here to embrace youthfulness and collectively script a glorious chapter of youth. The dazzling symbol of the "Sunbird”, the colorful Shu brocade and embroidery, the hibiscus-themed fireworks, and the artistic performances all showcased the opulence of "Chinese Romanticism" to the global audience.

    During the opening ceremony, projectors played a central role in presenting ground images. This not only crafted an exquisitely immersive and vibrant experience but also actualized the event's theme of simplicity, safety, and excellence.




    Achieving a sparkling bright image in a sports venue with intricate lighting conditions, and covering an expansive area through long-distance installations, necessitated advanced projection equipment with superior color rendering and detail reproduction. 

    Furthermore, a large-scale projection space was required to ensure a seamless overall image without any chromatic distortions. Additionally, following heavy precipitation on the eve of the grand opening ceremony, the projection equipment needed to withstand any challenge at their best, even under the circumstance of 90% air humidity and remain operational without waterproof protection.




    Barco's team employed an overlay technique of 8 layers, supplemented by 10 intermediary layers, utilizing 80 UDX projectors. This approach guaranteed consistent and stable performance during the opening ceremony. The Barco UDX series boasts exceptional 4K resolution and a 40,000-lumen brightness with an integrated red and blue dual laser light source. This installation helped unite the stage ground, the torch resembling a Sunbird, and the venue roof by amplifying their brilliance collectively.

    Barco UDX series employs a modular design, enabling swift replacement of core components without disassembling the units. This not only saved time but also reduced the workload. Additionally, the units provided high stability through their aluminum alloy frame and integrated cooling system. 

    Furthermore, the ceremony utilized five E2 units and two EC-200 Barco Event Master controllers. All host and backup video signals were routed through the E2, ensuring smooth video transitions. In case of any issues, the system seamlessly switched to the backup server, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance.




    With 80 Barco UDX series projectors strategically arranged in an 8-layer overlay high-precision configuration, a colossal image measuring 150m x 90m was projected onto the stadium scene ground. This awe-inspiring display depicted the art and history of the "Land of Abundance" (Tian Fu Zhi Di) spanning three millennia.

    From grand designs to intricate details, Barco facilitated the artistic expression of the opening ceremony within the backdrop of Chinese traditional culture. This showcased China's rich cultural heritage and its youthful dynamism to the global stage.

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