When the going gets tough

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Imagine that one day, someone would grab a hammer, sneak into your office and give your computer monitor a few hefty blows. Save some kind of miracle, your display would definitely be ready for the trash. While it’s perfectly acceptable for your everyday monitor not to survive this extreme form of maltreatment, things are very different in the case of life-critical devices like the ones used in armored vehicles or aircraft cockpits.

Extreme shocks and vibrations

In techno jargon, “rugged” is the term used to refer to products which have been specifically built and tested to withstand rough treatment and extreme environmental conditions.

For obvious reasons, this type of products is the de facto standard in heavy duty markets such as avionics and defense, where products are permanently exposed to extreme shocks and vibrations, huge temperature fluctuations and - in the case of airborne applications - the imminent risk of a devastating lightning stroke. 

Professional-grade reliability

Barco has acquired invaluable expertise in the field of rigid product design - an expertise which goes beyond just the military area. Before entering the market, every new Barco product is rigorously tested to ensure professional-grade reliability and compliance with all applicable design, manufacturing and quality standards.

Seeing is believing

Because seeing is believing, please read the article for an exclusive look behind the scenes of Barco’s ruggedization and testing department!