State customers rely on Barco simulation systems at China National Exhibition

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At the recent Information and Industry Technology Integration Achievements Exhibition in Beijing, Barco customers Tangshan Railway Vehicle and Sany Group confirmed their confidence in Barco. The industry leaders showcased how they use Barco’s Galaxy NH-12 3D and Galaxy 4K-23 projectors, respectively, to boost efficiency and cut costs in their R&D and training programs.

Hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), the Chinese Information and Industry Technology Integration Achievements Exhibition of 27 and 28 June drew China’s state leaders, the MIIT bureau director and MIIT officers to the China National Convention Center in Beijing to discover the latest innovations in China’s industry and information technology integration.

As a pioneer in visualization solutions, Barco provided simulation systems and on-site services to its local customers, CNR Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. (Tangshan Railway Vehicle) and Sany Group, thus helping them demonstrate their leading technologies via live virtual simulation solutions.

Tangshan Railway Vehicle set up an interaction booth featuring Barco’s Galaxy 4K-23 system where it simulated and demonstrated the design of its new express train with 3D virtual reality technology. The bright, powerful Barco projectors ensured a fully immersive experience, thus giving visitors a vivid understanding of the train’s internal structure and working conditions.

Tangshan Railway Vehicle has been a Barco customer since 2010, when it adopted Barco's CADWall rear projection system to facilitate the design and production of prototype vehicles. Mr. Zhang Shaodong, Director of Tangshan Railway Vehicle’s Virtual Reality Center, commented: “Barco’s CADWall makes our R&D and the design of vehicles much easier and efficient. Its display systems deliver stunning images with high stability and reliability. This quality is important for our daily work as well as for demos at national exhibitions like this.” Barco's virtual reality systems have been widely used by other Chinese industry players too, such as CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., Tangshan Railway Vehicles and CSR SIFANG Co., Ltd., as well as in large national projects, including scale models of Beijing-Shanghai Express Train 380B and Beijing Subway Line 6.

Besides the congress booth of Tangshan Railway Vehicle, that of machine builder Sany Group was also equipped with Barco solutions. Sany Group exhibited its operators’ training program for heavy machines and equipment with Barco's Galaxy NH-12 3D projector. The company has been using 3D simulation projectors for some time, as they provide an easy and efficient training model for the faster operation of engineering machinery with much less labor.