XL Video raises the bar of large-venue projection with Barco’s new high-brightness projectors

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Our top-of-range HDF-W26 and HDQ-2K40 projectors are very quickly finding their way to the world’s rental and staging market! Very recently, we have closed another important sales agreement: XL Video, a leading provider of audiovisual technology with subsidiaries around Europe, in the US and in China, will expand its range of projector products with 44 Barco HDF-W26 and 22 HDQ-2K40 projectors.


The HDF-W26 projectors, the initial batch of which has been delivered already, will gradually replace the popular Barco FLM-HD20 projectors in the XL Video portfolio. Later in the year, Barco will deliver a series of HDQ-2K40 projectors. XL Video loves their wireless control feature via smartphone or tablet, the flexible scaling, the preview features on the built-in color LCD screen and the modular design.

René De Keyzer, CEO of XL Video, is delighted with the new offering: “These new Barco projectors really provide a new standard in brightness, which our customers will undeniably appreciate. We consider this purchase a milestone in the history of XL Video, as the high-brightness projectors will open up countless new opportunities, thus boosting our growth.”