Barco Orthogon helps improve the use of airport capacities in TAMS research project

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Since 2012, the German airport of Stuttgart has boasted an innovative Total Airport Management software (TAMS) suite that helps reduce delays, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while raising passenger comfort. Air Traffic Management (ATM) expert Barco Orthogon has successfully contributed to the project by developing a novel working position, called Airside Tactical Working Position (ATWP), which is supported by its coupled Arrival and Departure Manager (AMAN/DMAN) to ensure the most efficient use of available airport capacities.


TAMS is a joint research project of five aviation experts drawn from industry, research and airport operation, under the supervision of Siemens. Their objective: develop one central Airport Operations Control Center including flight planning, air traffic control and terminal surveillance to boost the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of airport operations and, consequently, also reduce their environmental impact.

The groundbreaking set-up, including the Barco Orthogon solutions, delivers tangible results, as appeared from the scientific validation campaign by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). DRL concluded that departure punctuality can be improved while maintaining the level of punctuality for arrivals, and that coupling the AMAN/DMAN with a Turnaround Manager (TMAN) and Surface Manager (SMAN) really contributes to significantly reducing the number of passengers missing their flights.