The British Museum: an exclusive setting for the Barco Workshop

Lesezeit 1 Min.

Yesterday, 11 December, UK professionals from the rental and staging market discovered the benefits of Barco’s HD and RLM projectors, its image processing range and the ClickShare meeting room presentation system in an exclusive décor: the Lecture Theater at the British Museum. Barco is welcome to use the Museum’s infrastructure for hosting events, thanks to a recently established partnership.


The British Museum, one of the most prestigious in the world, purchased a Barco RLM-W8, RLM-W12 and a cutting-edge HDX-W18 projector, in the course of 2012, through a sponsorship agreement. With brightness levels ranging from 8,000 through to 18,000 lumens, the three different projectors fully cater to the diverse needs of the Museum’s audience. The RLM-W8 and RLM-W12 are ideal for educational events. When brightness for business clients, film screenings or 3D is key, the top-of-line ultra-bright HDX-W18 projector is the best choice.

“Our testing showed that Barco products provided the best fit, both technically speaking – picture quality, ergonomics, lamp life and reliability – and in the field of aftersales support,” said Chris Power, Head of AV at the Museum. “We are confident that the different target groups will be delighted with the picture quality the Barco projectors offer.”