DP4K-P post projector debuts in Canon’s 4K DI Suite at NAB 2013

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Post production specialists can now enjoy an enhanced 4K workflow thanks to industry leaders coming together to create a 4K Digital Intermediate (DI) Suite on display at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Barco’s new DP4K-P post production projector will be part of an integrated platform utilizing the Qube Cinema Xi 4K IMB with Quad 3G inputs and Quantel’s Pablo Rio with new 4K output, which when combined, facilitates a true 4K workflow. The system will be used to grade and show content shot on Canon’s EOS C500 4K digital cinema camera. Visit Barco at the Canon Booth #C4325 at NAB this week to see the 4K DI Suite in action!


Canon’s DI suite harnesses best-in-class technologies to create a 4K digital intermediate workflow that efficiently processes digital cinema output during the post production phase. Canon selected Quantel's Pablo Rio software for high-end color and finishing, the Qube Cinema Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) and Barco’s DP4K-P post projector because of their seamless integration and ability to generate 4K resolution output with extremely high color accuracy and uniformity.


Barco’s DP4K-P is the first 4K DLP projector to address the high-performance demands for postproduction, archiving, restoration and 4K color grading. To respond to the highly specialized needs of post production houses, the DK4K-P has been enhanced with several new components: a dedicated 4K (4 x 3Gb/s) input board which enables playback of native 4K content; a wide color gamut filter for accurate color matching; and, a high-contrast lens to display images with exceptional detail.