“Auro 11.1 offers a truly impressive sound experience”


A view on the cinema of the future, a live demo of the Auro 11.1 sound format and a screening of ‘The Croods’ in Auro 11.1: these were more than enough reasons for cinema owners, journalists and other professionals to attend Barco’s Auro seminar at CineMec in Ede (the Netherlands) last Tuesday. Their first impression of Barco’s new Auro 11.1 cinema sound system? They loved it!


Cinema of the future

As the first cinema in the Netherlands to be equipped with Barco’s new sound technology, CineMec was more than happy to host Barco’s Auro Seminar last Tuesday. From 13h to 17h, visitors were totally immersed into the ‘cinema of the future’. They witnessed how the V-series LED displays of Barco LiveDots for in- and outdoor branding are true eye-catchers in every theater. How Barco’s digital signage system offers unlimited creative freedom to design eye-popping signage and graphics. And, of course, they experienced the magic of Auro 11.1. After the demo and the screening of the popular DreamWorks Animation movie ‘The Croods’ in Auro 11.1 everyone agreed that Auro 11.1 really enriches the cinema experience.

The next step

One of the people at the seminar, freelance journalist Frank de Neeve, has been working in the world of cinema for over 15 years. On his website Cineserver he offers professionals solid technical guidance in transitioning to digital technology. His idea of Auro 11.1 speaks volumes: “Over the past few years, digital cinema has greatly improved image quality in cinemas and 3D movies have created almost life-like movie experiences. I believe that immersive audio is the next step: the missing link in creating a truly memorable movie experience that will keep cinema a premier entertainment experience. Barco's Auro 11.1 offers a truly impressive sound experience, while remaining easy on the cinema exhibitor's wallet.”