Lack of easy-to-use meeting room technologies sustains reliance on paper

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While computing and AV equipment abound in the meeting room, they don’t necessarily play well together. Technical issues, especially the lack of interconnectivity among devices, are inhibiting companies from fully migrating to a digital meeting environment. According to the 2013 Survey on the Obstacles to Effective Business Meetings of 572 North American business leaders, 69 percent of executives continue to rely on hard copies of presentations in the typical meetings they attend.

The blind survey found that business leaders face a myriad of challenges when using technology in meeting rooms – from having the right tools to collaborate with other meeting participants to having the ability to share content from their preferred devices.  As part of the findings, 68 percent of respondents lack the technology to easily project and share content with colleagues. 

Barco ClickShare offers a solution to this problem in the form of a wireless, single-click presentation and collaboration system that’s easy to use.

For the complete survey, access the press release on this web page and download the attachment.